When Palk Strait faced the wrath of nature…


En route to Dhanushkodi

One can never imagine what those 150-odd travelers in the Pamban-Dhanuskodi Passenger Express experienced when the infamous 1964 Rameswaram Cyclone swept them away in the wee hours of 23rd December. Things took an ugly turn and the small town of Dhanushkodi would never be the same. Once a thriving port town that buzzed with activity all day and night, this place has a historical significance as the name goes. Lord Rama is said to have marked this place with his bow for his army to start building the bridge to Lanka. Coincidentally, this point is hardly 30 minutes away from Sri Lanka by water. Continue reading


2016: a year of new places, new emotions and self discovery


We know this post is a tad bit late; an entire month in 2017 has gone by. With a few important decisions to be taken, things have taken a different turn this year (definitely for the best) and has taken up some of our time. We’ve promised ourselves to get back to writing on a more regular basis and what hit us last week was when a dear friend who was visiting said – “frankly, your blog is almost dead”. This is most definitely true and it’s unfair that we haven’t been sharing our travel tales with you. 2017 is going to be better, we promise 🙂

2016 was quite an eventful year for us; filled with travel to new places and discovering the lesser known was a hidden agenda for us. It’s amazing what this can do to your soul. Continue reading

Through the lens of ancient mariners: the emergence of Poduke


Think of Egyptians, Romans, Greeks, Khmer, Champa and Eastern Indian dynasties. What connects them? Not just the fact that they were colossal empires, but ones that specialised in maritime trade. The secrets to unlocking the history behind any region is often linked to its description in ancient literature and based on accounts of sea faring traders and merchants.

Tamil Nadu has numerous entries for ports of commercial trade dating back centuries ago mentioned frequently in Sangam literature as well as that famous book for seafarers, Periplus of Erythrean Sea. Mylapore, Mamalla/Poonjeri, Kaveripumpattinam, Nagapattinam, Korkai and Kumari were important maritime trade centres. Continue reading

The DNA of a modern city


One of the localities of Madras that has always fascinated me right from childhood has been Royapuram. At a young age, it was perhaps more to do with the fact that it was a place to avoid due to it being an area for miscreants. However, it also is a place home to 3 landmarks that perhaps best exemplify the spirit of Madras. Continue reading