2016: a year of new places, new emotions and self discovery


We know this post is a tad bit late; an entire month in 2017 has gone by. With a few important decisions to be taken, things have taken a different turn this year (definitely for the best) and has taken up some of our time. We’ve promised ourselves to get back to writing on a more regular basis and what hit us last week was when a dear friend who was visiting said – “frankly, your blog is almost dead”. This is most definitely true and it’s unfair that we haven’t been sharing our travel tales with you. 2017 is going to be better, we promise 🙂

2016 was quite an eventful year for us; filled with travel to new places and discovering the lesser known was a hidden agenda for us. It’s amazing what this can do to your soul. Continue reading


What’s travel without good food?


One of the last pieces of research done was on places to eat as we always prefer to interact with the locals and then decide on places to go and food items to eat. Food to us has always been important and one of the top priorities while traveling. With food comes experience and memories that can last forever in your taste buds.

Here are five places we should talk about, and therefore for you to visit in case you go to Ooty: Continue reading

A day to remember the good ol’ Ootacamund


We decided to head out very early since it was New Year’s Day and most places would be crowded by 10.00 am. We decided to head to Coonoor, Kotagiri and an impulsive drive to Kodanad Estate.


En route Coonoor

We got to Coonoor first thing in the morning with an urge to get there first before the crowd. We immediately got to the spot where we got access to Suicide Point that was about 6000 ft above the ground. On the other side was a wonderful view of Bakasura Hills that is said to have imprints of giants’ feet on rocks. By the time the guide finished what he could say about the imprints, we were already planning our next trip to Ooty. Continue reading


How Ooty can change you…


Our New Year escapade to Ooty was definitely well-deserved. With the busiest December we’ve ever faced, it was time to get away from it all to regain all the energy and enthusiasm for 2016.

Fondly known as Ootacamund, otherwise Ooty is quite an unassuming place I must admit. Tucked in the Nilgiri range, this small town will never fail to amaze you. Centrally located, the place has access to some of the best views one can ask for!

Planning is key when you go to hill stations. Our previous post on how we planned our trip gives you all the information in a nutshell. This post however, is how we mapped our entire trip – this helped us cover some of the legendary places in the Nilgiri range.

PS: I have split this post in three parts so that I don’t drive you to close the page half way through.

While it might look like a hectic trip, every minute of it was worth it: Continue reading


Of Othaikalmund, Hoysalas, Droogs & Ootacamund


It is common knowledge that any place in India goes through a variety of names through the centuries. Ooty & Nilgiris are no different.

It was originally a tribal land belonging to the Todas, Kotas, Badagas & Kurumbas. Most of Old Ooty and its surroundings were occupied by the Todas. The Todas revere a sacred single stone which translates to Othai-kal in tamil (Othai for single, Kal for stone) and mund is the tamil word for a Toda village. Perhaps this is where “Othaikalmund” and later Ootacamund was born.

The first known reference of the Nilgiris is through Punisa, the army-general of Vishnuvardhan I (ruler from 1104-1141 AD) whose Hoysala armies seized Wayanad as well as the Nilgiri plateau. In a record from from 1117 AD, Punisa and his men frightened the local tribes (Todas primarily) and entered the sacred Nilgiri range. As of 1120 AD, Vishnuvardhan had even turned the Nila mountain to a city and there were fortifications though none of them have lasted the test of time. The single stone rocks are perhaps the evidence of this past. The Nilgiris were considered to be holy hills and a sight of the mountain peaks were believed to wash away one’s sins. Continue reading


Our New Year Escapade to Ooty aka OttaikalMandu/Wotokymund


When we started from Chennai to Ooty on 29th December, it encompassed a few weeks of meticulous planning, research and some anxiety attacks that the weather gods would not have anything dramatic in store for us.

Thanks to the connected world we live in, we were able to plan our days well in advance; this included assistance from Google Maps, assessment of the weather patterns based on AccuWeather, dialogues with people who knew about off–beat places etc.


Ooty town – view from the Tea Factory

 We embarked on a 5D/4N trip to Ooty with the following things in mind: Continue reading