2016: a year of new places, new emotions and self discovery


We know this post is a tad bit late; an entire month in 2017 has gone by. With a few important decisions to be taken, things have taken a different turn this year (definitely for the best) and has taken up some of our time. We’ve promised ourselves to get back to writing on a more regular basis and what hit us last week was when a dear friend who was visiting said – “frankly, your blog is almost dead”. This is most definitely true and it’s unfair that we haven’t been sharing our travel tales with you. 2017 is going to be better, we promise 🙂

2016 was quite an eventful year for us; filled with travel to new places and discovering the lesser known was a hidden agenda for us. It’s amazing what this can do to your soul. Continue reading


Why our history defines the wonder that is India


As part of our blog series this week, here’s our third post on the next five World Heritage Sites that make our country such a delight to the eyes and the mind. More importantly, it reiterates the fact that we were one of the very few countries to be tolerant towards all cultures and religions and that’s where the beauty lies even today.

But let’s hold onto that thought for about a couple of minutes.

While most of us do hold up these Sites in pride and speak of the rich history and culture that this country has seen unlike any other, some of us don’t understand what it means to take care of these Sites. What we need to understand is that, it’s not just UNESCO’s and ASI’s responsibility to protect these Sites, but its ours too. Littering, scribbling, climbing onto the figurines, digging out small stones to keep as memoirs etc. – all of these are uncalled for. The next time you come across anyone who even attempts to do any of the above, we would urge you to stop them. After all, World Heritage Day is all about respect and protections, yes? Continue reading