2016: a year of new places, new emotions and self discovery


We know this post is a tad bit late; an entire month in 2017 has gone by. With a few important decisions to be taken, things have taken a different turn this year (definitely for the best) and has taken up some of our time. We’ve promised ourselves to get back to writing on a more regular basis and what hit us last week was when a dear friend who was visiting said – “frankly, your blog is almost dead”. This is most definitely true and it’s unfair that we haven’t been sharing our travel tales with you. 2017 is going to be better, we promise πŸ™‚

2016 was quite an eventful year for us; filled with travel to new places and discovering the lesser known was a hidden agenda for us. It’s amazing what this can do to your soul.

A Timeless Odyssey turned one this month and the right thing for us to do is to share with you all of what we experienced this one year. With 8 trips spread over 12 months, we have only begun to realize that we need to more of this.

The year started off on a good note when we decided to ring in the new year in Ooty aka Ootacamund. This is where the idea of our bog came up while we were staring into emptiness one evening. Daisy, the German Shepherd, was talking to us with her beady eyes and I couldn’t help but imagine that she approved of the idea of a travel blog.


With a total of 23 spots covered in a period of 4 days, we were nowhere close to exhausted and simply wanted to do more. From the scapes of Ooty to the hilltops of Coonoor, we did a mix of touristy spots that left us breathless.

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Here our some of our initial posts on Nilgiri’s magnifique hill station:

What was more exciting was that it was already time for us to pack up and head to Mumbai for the Republic Day long weekend. We then took the train to Aurangabad to tick off Ajanta and Ellora from our bucket list and I am so glad we did so. These sets of caves were definitely a sight to behold. One can’t help but imagine how monks could have scooped out such massive boulders and sculpted these caves.

We also visited the famous Taj of the Deccan. If not as beautiful as the Taj Mahal, Bibi Ka Maqbara is definitely well maintained.


Known as the land of a 1000 temples, Kanchipuram was our next destination. We took a bus from the T.Nagar bus depot and we were in the township of Kanchipuram in under three hours. It’s no surprise why this place is called as the land of a 1000 temples. Every nook and corner has a temple of extreme significance, some lesser known than the others. We finished over 13 temples in one and a half days. What’s amazing is that we can still remember the order in which we did them πŸ™‚

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Living on the Coromandel Coast, it would be a crime to not visit Mamallapuram. A good two hour drive and we landed up just a few 100 metres away from the Shore Temple. It’s places like Mamallapuram that make you wonder and reminisce what significance this coastal town held in those days. Reigned by the Pallavas, each sculpture in this town that has been found so far is different from one another; not one is similar to the other. Protected to a large extent by ASI in pockets, we wish the locals held more pride living in a place where the Pallavas held fort for years together. We also did a quick detour of 30 km to visit the Sadras Fort – a little of what remains of Dutch rule in South India.

After a good two month break, it was time to leave for Cambodia. This was our first trip abroad (together as a couple) and more importantly, IT WAS CAMBODIA. Who wouldn’t be excited. With six days in hand, we decided to stick to Siem Reap alone. And we are so glad we made that decision! With over 29 ruin sites surveyed in less than a week, both of us came back to India 10 shades darker and we don’t regret it one bit. Siem Reap is one place that’ll never leave your heart, your head, your soul. The feeling that you experience when you stand at the entrance of Angkor Wat, that emotion that overcomes you when you enter the Victory Gate at Angkor Thom can never be explained with words, letΒ  alone photographs!

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All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy holds good for both of us. We had yet another long weekend coming up in September for Vinayaka Chaturthi and this was our chance to run back to Yercaud. Our all time favorite place with the best of views in the Eastern Ghats.

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The year ended with another venture into the Maratha land. We took advantage of a friend’s wedding in Pune – yet another long weekend! Once we were done with the Kelkar Museum, we had a little time to kill. While reading through, we learned that we were close to a lot of places that are of historical importance. However, what we bumped into while doing some research got us a lot more excited. About 60 kms on the Pune-Solapur highway and tucked in quite safely from all the urban madness stands tall, Bhuleshwar Temple. Clearly dedicated to both Lords Vishnu and Shiva (the main deity was Lord Shiva) with picturesque sculptures around him. This is how our Sunday was spent right before we got to the airport to head back to Chennai. What an eventful way to end the year!

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And that’s a wrap, 2016. Bring it on, 2017 πŸ™‚

Here’s wishing all of you yet another year filled with travel, tales and triumphs!

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